From the desk of Dallas Daniels, on-site owner!


I have been in Indianapolis transmission repair sine 1974, and have seen a lot of transmission shops in this area come and go, mainly for the reason that they try to take short cuts in the rebuilding process to make more profit for their Indianapolis transmission repair company. Rather than doing a recommended update that may cost more money or maybe just by taking a chance on a part that is not up to specifications, they continue in hopes the transmission will make it out of their warranty period, leaving them no longer responsible.

But here at Dallas' Transmissions, my reputation is more important than making a few extra dollars on the job. We will go the extra mile to make sure that you are receiving everything that we promised to do and the you receive the best value for your hard earned money. I chose our technicians because they are the type of people that care about the kind of work they produce and take pride in returning your vehicle to you with full confidence that you and your family will be safe while traveling!

If after we diagnose your vehicle we give you a price, we will stick to that price, so there are no surprises when  you come to pick your vehicle up. If we run into something unusual such as a bad mount or maybe even a flywheel that is cracked we will always call and advise you before we just go ahead and replace it.

We know what it is like to be without our vehicles so we work very hard to do the repairs right the first time and return the vehicle back to you promptly.

We do very little outside advertising which goes against all advertising agencies' advice, however, we remain busy through out the year because our customer know that we go beyond what the other Indianapolis transmission repairs shops in the area do!

I got started in the auto business when I graduated from high school in 1972 when I went to work for a local Oldsmobile dealership. After being trained as a general line technician for about 2 years I discovered that we were always short a transmission man to do the work for the dealership so I got with the service manager and was sent immediately to the training facility in Reading, Ohio for General Motors transmissions. After  3 more years of working on GM transmissions, I was offered a job at one of the largest independent local transmission shops in the area and I decided it would be a great opportunity to learn to re build all of the different transmissions for all  of the auto makers.

Thus my Indianapolis transmission repair career began!


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Many people shop for price and we want to earn your Indianapolis transmission repair business. And we know you'll tell your friends what a great experience you had with us. We hear it all of the time!